We get so many queries which is amazing but can prove difficult as we are a small charity and prefer to spend our time doing what we do best- being vets! Please read the following FAQs before reaching out- it really does give us so much more time to do the work that matters!

If you do need to reach out, please choose only one form of communication- duplicating the message across email, Facebook and Instagram does not promote a more timely response.

Q: “I am visiting the island and I have found an animal in need. How do I help?”

First of all, thank you so much for wanting to help- we can only do this with combined effort! The answer to this depends on many variables, and is covered in more detail here however as rough guidance, it is beneficial if you can take some photos, videos and drop a location pin as a bare minimum.

It is best to direct all enquiries to help@wecareworldwide.org.uk, sending them on multiple platforms definitely doesn’t speed up our response. We can then guide you as to how to send us more details.

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to cover the whole island (although we dream of that one day!) so when you are outside of our area (Matara to Tangalle) then we suggest you contact the following fantastic charities who may be able to assist-

Q: “Do you treat owned animals as well as street animals?

YES we do! This was never our original plan however as the only inpatient facility outside of Colombo, we realised that owned dogs with more complex issues were finding themselves in a tricky spot as they had nowhere to receive higher standard vet care. We only have a limited number of owned dog consultations per day and you must be accepted for registration with us. To make an appointment, please call us.

Q: “Can I adopt a dog from you?”

Although we try to return all street dogs back to their communities, there are some instances where it wouldn’t be safe or right by the dog to do this. In these cases, we keep the animals at WECare and search for their forever home. Some of our dogs have ongoing medical issues (e.g. need daily medications) or are puppies that were too young to establish territories. Or sometimes it is just 100% aesthetic, like the pooch has 3 legs or a little scar! We will always try to find homes for these animals as we don’t believe that shelters are the way forward for a country like Sri Lanka. Plus, they deserve so much love and so many snuggles, one on one. Adopting a dog from us means that the animal will receive free healthcare for life but we do have conditions that have to be met in order to ensure the animal is going to have the best life before we agree to an adoption. Please enquire for more details.

As a charity, we do not promote adopting overseas. Every single country has a stray dog issue, it is just that many are hidden behind shiny shelter doors. We would always advise adopting from your own country- although it might not seem as glamorous, it is just as commendable. The money spent on exporting a dog from Sri Lanka (upto $5000USD) could be much more wisely spent on sponsoring a CNVR programme which will prevent thousands more unwanted births and stop animals ending up in this situation in the first place.

We do understand however, that once you fall in love with a particular dog (in person), it is very hard to forget! If you are absolutely set on overseas adoption then please contact us and we will run through the process with you.

Please note, we will not be able to organise the export process for any animal. We can provide the veterinary services involved only (microchipping, blood sampling etc).

Q: “What areas do you cover?”

We cover from Madiha to Tangalle along the South Coast of Sri Lanka..
However, there can be exceptions to this, if you see any emergency cases outside of this area and are struggling to source help locally then please contact our team with the required information regarding dog reports and admissions.

Q: “What is the best way to get in touch?”

Although we love our highly interactive followers on our social media pages, the best way to contact us regarding emergency and animal welfare enquiries, is via email or phone.
Please get in touch with us using help@wecareworldwide.org.uk or call us on +94 (0)41 225 9390.

Q: “How can I volunteer at WECare?”

We rely on volunteers to run, so we only want the most passionate, forward-thinking and driven individuals on board! It’s not just veterinary volunteers that we’re after – if you’ve got a skill, we can probably use it! Whether you’re a tradie, photographer, admin guru or a talented artist, we’d love to hear from you – We’ve always got projects on the go.

None of the above, but a world class dog cuddler? We believe that love and attention is crucial in the healing and rehabilitation process, so we’re always looking for volunteers to spend their days playing with, petting and walking the dogs.

Just bear in mind that we can’t accommodate volunteers who only want to do a day here and there. As you can imagine, we’re super busy running a working vet clinic, so we can’t afford to spend our time showing new people the ropes every day, as much as we’d love to have you all. Plus, it’s unsettling for the animals having to constantly deal with new faces. So, volunteer placements are for 4 weeks, minimum, depending on your skill set.

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Q: “Are you a shelter?”

We are not a shelter and we do not take in healthy dogs. With an estimated 3 million street dogs on the island, we don’t believe that locking them away is the best or most sustainable way of caring for them. We’ve spent five years living in Sri Lanka, and it didn’t take us long to understand that western ideals can’t be applied here. 

Sri Lanka has a turbulent history and – understandably – pet care hasn’t always been a priority for everyone. As a result, many street dogs live better lives than owned ones. If you were a dog, would you prefer to spend your days running around with your pals, napping under palm trees and getting fed leftover rice and curry, or being chained to a post in a yard, never seeing anything outside that fenced area? We believe shelters restrict something that Sri Lankan animals hold so dear- their freedom- so we don’t believe it is in their best interests. Nor do we accept it is a sustainable or impactful way of addressing the issue at hand.

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