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Seal (like his brother Dot) is an original WECare dog, having been picked up at our second ever CNVR clinic in Gandara/Dikwella, in May 2015. The troublesome twosome was whisked back to the clinic to treat their terrible cases of mange – a skin condition we see a lot of over here. Thankfully, Seal responded well to treatment, which involved a bath with special shampoo, and a six-week flea and mite treatment. Within a few weeks, his fur was growing back a treat. Hurrah!

As Seal and Dot were picked up as puppies, we couldn’t put them back on the street, as they wouldn’t know how to survive. They’ve been living happily in the WECare garden ever since, but we’d much rather they found a loving forever home.

Seal is an affectionate little scamp once he’s gotten to know you, and this boy loves a good cuddle. If he’s not putting his head in your lap, he’s probably snoozing in his tyre in the garden. This makes us very jealous when we’re all flagging come 3pm.

If there’s one thing Seal loves, it’s walks on the beach (wait, this feels like it’s turning into a dating profile?!) although he’s not sure about getting his paws wet just yet. You’ll find him happily hanging his head out the tuk tuk on the way to the beach, and doing zoomies on the sand once he gets there. Seal loves it when the clinic air con breaks down, as it means we have the office windows open. Which means getting treats passed through the window. It’s a hard life, eh?

We hope to find Seal and Dot a home together one day, but until then, why not sponsor the furry fella? He gives great side-eye and will happily serve you sass in your inbox every month.

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