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Our girl Margarita was dumped as a puppy, along with her brothers and sisters. It’s illegal to dump dogs in Sri Lanka but it certainly doesn’t stop people from doing it. The problem is that lots of people don’t get their dogs neutered, so end up with lots of unwanted pups They’re often dumped on the roadside, but we tend to get a few on our doorstep, despite having CCTV.

We like to name our puppy litters with themes so these little cuties were named after cocktails. After going through an isolation period, and being neutered and vaccinated, the puppies were ready to roll into their new lives. One by one, the pups got rehomed, and Margarita was the last one standing. She eventually found a home, but was brought back after a few days as she’s a nervy little thing and wasn’t settling in well. Her new family tried their hardest and loved her lots, but Margy wouldn’t go near them.

So, she’s still on the shelf, and we feel she’ll be there a while as she’s so skittish. She’s happy being a little oddball in the clinic garden, so it would be great to get her sponsored until we – hopefully – one day find her a forever home.

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