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A handsome, playful bean

Jake arrived at WECare as just a tiny 10 week old puppy, and he’d lost half of his leg in a road traffic accident. He had been scooped up by some lovely people who lived locally to the clinic – they’d been looking after him at their home, until they realised he needed further help. Apparently, Jake had been eating and drinking well (that’s our boy!), and even hopping around using his good back leg. What a little trooper we had on our hands.

There was no saving his bad leg, so we got rid of the dead tissue on his stump and dressed it, before his amputation a few days later. Unfortunately, the people who found him weren’t able to adopt Jake after his recovery. Little Jake healed like an absolute DREAM after surgery, and was hopping around our garden in no time.

We attempted to rehome him whilst he was still a small cute puppy, but he came off his isolation protocols (and therefore able to be adopted) in December 2020. At that point we were still limited by the coronavirus lockdowns, event restrictions and the like – so we couldn’t host adoption drives at the time. We called around to everyone we knew, but had no joy.

Jake’s such a lovely boy, who can be a wee bit shy at first, but once won over you’ve got a proper bestie for life with this one. He’s playful and chilled with other dogs as far as we know, and also LOVES a walk and playtime with humans too.

With a loving home, we’re confident Jake will flourish and thrive! Until we find that perfect home (he’s available for international adoption btw), we need to keep him housed, fed and up-to-date on vaccines and medication – which costs us a pretty penny, so sponsoring Jake will help us with this.

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