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A little boy with a big heart

During one of our CNVR programmes, Janey (our founder) and Abbie, one of our nurses were awaiting our dog catching team to return with a truck full of healthy dogs needing a neuter and vaccine, but they were taking a while!

Chomping at the bit to do more, Janey and Abbie also set off out in the hope of finding some more dogs to bring back with them. It was soon clear why the dog catchers had been gone for a while – the midday sun was blazing down and there wasn’t many dogs to be found! When it’s the peak heat of the day, we often find that dogs hide away in the shade or their secret spots, waiting for the cooler part of the day.

About to turn around and give up, they spotted Dougal trotting down the road, with a suspicious looking half stump on one of his front legs. Curious to see what was going on, they pulled over and wondered if they might have a chase on their hands – but Dougal hopped up to them right away, friendly as ever to say hello!

We’re still unsure as to how Dougal came to have half a leg, but we suspect a monitor lizard may have attacked him! Poor little lad. So he was scooped up and taken back to our pop-up CNVR clinic for further inspection. As he was such a little chiller, Janey left him in her car (with the AC on) to have a snooze for a while as the dog catchers had returned with the next batch of dogs.

After a while, he was taken out of the car and popped in a crate – which he somehow managed to break out of! Dougal zoomed down the garden towards the open gates, with Janey chasing behind him. However, he came face-on with a monitor lizard (oh the irony!), stopped dead in his tracks, looked back at Janey and decided that letting her pick him up and take him back to the crate was the best choice after all.

He came to stay at WECare and had his leg fully amputated – where he adjusted to three-legged life like a duck out of water. He’s now living with us, along with a few of his other three-legger besties – Poppers and Guinness – until we find him the perfect home. If you’d like to sponsor our darlin’ Dougal, we’d all love ya forever!

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