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One half of the Brothers Grimm

Dot, oh dastardly, dastardly Dot. Dot (along with his brother from the same mother) was picked up at our second ever CNVR clinic in Gandara/Dikwella, in May 2015. He had a horrible case of mange – something we see a lot of in Sri Lanka. Dot hardly had any hair when we found him, and with his fair skin, he was prone to sun burn. This meant lots and lots of applications of sun cream (We think he enjoyed the regular sunscreen massages – every cloud!)

The usual treatment for mange here is a bath with a special shampoo and a six-week flea treatment that works on mites as well. Usually within this time the hair begins to grow back – sadly, that wasn’t the case for Dot. Determined as ever, we decided to trial a new drug that had come out in the United Kingdom and slowly but surely his lovely hair began to grow back! We did this treatment daily until his luscious locks became thicker and thicker, and soon he had a full coat of fur. It’s not soft, like most of the other dogs, but it’s fur nonetheless – and we think having coarse fur makes him super cool and edgy.

As an original WECare dog, he rules the roost in the clinic garden. Dot is the definition of ‘misunderstood’. He’s seen a revolving door of puppies come and go while he and Seal wait for their forever homes. As you can imagine, they find this pretty frustrating, always being the ones left on the shelf. (Who wouldn’t?)

Dot can be a tough nut to crack, but once he’s sussed you out and gotten to know you, you can guarantee he’ll be the first to trot over for a head scratch! He’s also partial to resting his head in your lap, and giving your armpit a good lick. We’re always searching for a home for Dot and Seal, and we have hope that one day we’ll succeed.

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