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fhokePosted by fhoke, 20 August 2018

YoYo was picked up by our dog catchers at a local CNVR clinic. She was in a horrific state with the worst case of demodectic mange we have ever seen. Not only was she completely hairless, extremely sore and crusty but she also had a big infected wound on her side.

Yoyo was brought straight back to the clinic for treatment. She wasn’t overly keen on the baths we gave her but she soon learned they were good for her and complied. Within a couple of her weeks her wounds had healed, her skin was smooth and a few stray hairs were already beginning to creep up!

Yoyo was a little nervous with new faces but once she got to know a few of us she was a very affectionate dog. She was particularly fond of our Tuk Tuk driver Chaminda!! After a couple of months with us we decided YoYo was ready to go back home, she still needed a little bit of time for some patches of fur to grow back, but she was otherwise completely unrecognisable!

So we drove her back to Dondra harbour and reunited her with her friends. Yoyo is now a healthy and happy street pooch that spends all her time keeping the fisherman company! Chaminda and the team have been back to check in on her a few times and she comes bounding over, tail wagging, tongue out and ready for hugs!

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