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Skipped leg day?!

Maya was found back in December 2019 by some tourists who were worried that she walked funny and was skinny. On examination, it turned out that Maya wasn’t weight bearing on her hind legs and was essentially walking in a handstand! Turns out she’d been hit by a stick a while ago, which had shattered her pelvis. This appears to have healed funny, which is why Maya had a strange ‘floating’ walk, where she walks on her front legs, with her back legs in the air. Yes, really.

We reckon she’s about three years old and has had a few litters, the poor girl. This is why the neutering programmes that we and our fellow charities do are so important!

As well as her funky walk, Maya was a pretty itchy girl, so we sorted her skin out for her, as well as giving her the usual vaccinations

We popped Maya in the garden with our resident dogs to encourage her to exercise. We’ve also been giving her lots of physio, and hydro at a local beach, which has helped – she’s also been responding really well to massage (don’t we all??). She’s started using her back legs a lot more, but there are still many instances where she won’t bear much weight on them.

We won’t put Maya back on the street as it’s not a good idea with her legs (she’s never going to have ‘normal’ functioning back legs), so we’re looking for a local forever home for her. She’s super friendly with humans (a bit grumpy with other dogs, although she’s become best buddies with Margarita!!) and we’ll often glance over to find her on her back with her legs in the air, ready for a tummy tickle.

Want to be the one to give her virtual belly rubs?

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