Maisie street dog Sri Lanka WECare

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The Snake Charmer

Maisie street dog Sri Lanka WECare

This little cutie first came to the clinic in September 2019 when she was only 9 weeks old, after Lakmini found her with a suspected snake bite (and an incredibly adorable swollen face). The bite was sorted out with lots of love and veterinary care, but the injury sustained left her with a sort of ‘Joker’ face on her right side mouth. This meant we struggled to adopt her out. She was once the only dog to not find a home at one of our adoption days and it broke our hearts. Her luck changed back in January when Maisie finally found a home at one of our adoption days, after she catching the attention of a local family who wanted a buddy for their son to play with.

We always do welfare home visits after adoption and two check backs showed that Maisie was doing really well, looking great and loving her new life. Then, disaster struck. All rehomed WECare dogs get free health care for life, but with the coronavirus lockdown, Maisie’s owners couldn’t get her to us when she suffered a bout of skin disease. They took her to a local vet but the problem worsened. Finally, when curfew was briefly lifted they got Maisie to us and we were shocked by what we saw.

Maisie WECare Sri Lankan street dog

Despite only being 8 weeks since we last saw her, Maisie was suffering with one of the worst cases of skin disease we’ve ever seen. Covered with mange, maggot wounds, open scabs and lesions, Maisie had lost her hair all over her body, and her face and feet were bleeding from where she had been scratching her itchy, sore skin. It was a pretty distressing sight for those of us who remembered her as a healthy little puppy.

We set to work getting Maisie better, showering her with love and treating her skin. Within days she was looking better! The power of medicine! It wasn’t her family’s fault that she was in this condition as they tried to get her help, so after some discussion we agreed to let them have her back – but they decided they didn’t want her, thinking her diseased. Dr Nayomi called them and tried to explain the situation but they’d made their decision. We’ve really struggled rehoming Maisie again as she still looks a bit like a zombie dog and barks loudly at new humans. So, with a heavy heart, we added her to our list of sponsor dogs.


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