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Oh she’s sweet, but she’s psycho (in a boundless energy kinda way)

This foxy lady was found down at out local bakery (they do the best fresh bread and coconut buns, we tell ya!) by some WECarers when they were out for lunch back in January 2020. She was COVERED in ticks and fleas (standard) and we suspected she had a broken leg, so scooped her up and carried her back up the road in the blaing heat. Sweaty times.

Her X-ray showed a fracture, but the splints were all too large for her so we bandaged the little pooch instead, then we discovered she had ringworm. Can’t this girl catch a break?! Unfortunately, this meant little foxy had to put in isolation to avoid spreading ringworm around. Five weeks later, after many bandage changes, Foxy’s leg was free but she was still under strict cage rest. Torture for a young pup, but oh so necessary.


At the end of March, it was time to go home, so we dropped her back outside the bakery (the prime spot for street dogs in Gandara). However, Foxy found her way back to the hospital where she’d hide outside and jump out at us whenever we appeared, demanding kisses and cuddles. Look at her – how could we resist?! It was clear she wasn’t going anywhere, so we’ll now look after her until we can find her a forever home.

Until then, fancy funding this little cutie’s lifestyle?

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