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We picked a very skinny Baz up from a hotel in Tangalle back in 2017, after we got a call saying there was a dog with a broken leg. His leg healed like a dream and we were all set to send him home when Barry suddenly fell ill. He has the most unique and majestic howl and one day he lost his voice. We put it down to too much singing, but the next morning we found him paralysed from the neck down.It was a scary time as we couldn’t work out what was wrong and started to suspect rabies. Janey got in touch with a neurology specialist from her old uni who thought Barry might have a very rare auto-immune syndrome called polyradiculoneuritis. He suggested a treatment to trial and to our absolute delight after over a week of zero improvement, Barry lifted his head and started to sing. A few days later, he stood and walked in a very wobbly fashion – hurrah! Over the next month, Barry underwent intensive rehabiltation where he started peeing on his own, walking on his own and piling on weight on his own!

There’s a chance that this nasty syndrome could recur, so we were reluctant to put Bazza back on the street and he became a WECare resident. However, he took matters into his own hands in July 2018 when he decided to move into our former clinic manager Jo’s nearby flat. He claimed her sofa as his bed and became buddies with fellow WECare alumni, Lucy.Barry subsequently fell in love with Jo’s landlord, Dinush who lives up the road (we’re not kidding, he is O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D) and he gained entry to Dinush’s home by jumping over his wall. The family had no choice but to accept Barry as their third son and Barry lives a very charmed life between their house, the local street and Jo’s old flat.Nowadays he usually sleeps at Dinush’s house (he gets curry for dinner there, why would he not?) but sometimes he’ll have a sleepover on the sofa at Jo’s old place. We’re told that Barry has breakfast at Dinush’s, then heads to Dinush’s parents’ house at 10am, before making his way to Jo’s old flat to steal Lucy’s food, usually around midday.This dog gets away with murder (literally, he killed a local villager’s cockerel last year which was awkward for all concerned) because he’s quite possibly the most unique dog we’ve ever encountered. Dinush and his family treat Barry like their third son but we worry about the financial burden on them of feeding him (He eats A LOT). Your donation will go towards giving them money for his food, as well as for all of Barry’s health care.


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