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fhokePosted by fhoke, 20 August 2018

This tiny little fella was found hopping along the road late at night by the volunteers. Roo was missing half his front leg. Although someone had attempted to bandage it, he was undoubtedly in need of some medical attention! So the WECare volunteers scooped him up and brought him to the clinic for a closer look.

Thank god the vollies spotted him as they were horrified to see that his leg appeared to have been chopped off!!! Despite having a pretty gnarly injury, Roo was a super happy chappy. He wasn’t really that phased about his missing limb. Just like most puppies, he just wanted to play!

The team decided to fix him up by amputating his leg. Roo was the perfect little patient, no complaints at all, but boy was he eager to get back outside running around.

Once he was all healed up we took him out into the garden where he immediately made friends! We decided Roo was well and healthy enough to return back to his home on the streets (just up the road from the volly house) with the local rice man looking out for him.

Roo loves it when we visit him. It makes us soo happy to see him whizzing around without a care in the world!

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