What we do

Education programmes

For years, Sri Lankans have been taught to fear the street dogs, believing them to be diseased, aggressive and rabid.

This has lead to a vicious cycle of the dogs being abused to keep them away. People often throw things like sticks, stones or hot water at them. It’s so heartbreaking because the majority of street dogs are super friendly, and not aggressive at all.

[vc_featured_box heading_text=”CNVR success” content_text=”Our very first CNVR was held in December 2014, and in our first year we neutered 735 dogs, as well as vaccinating 956 dogs.” heading_color=”#97d3e9″ content_color=”#6d6e70″ graphic_color=”#ffffff” graphic_background_color=”#ffcc00″ icon=”fa fa-bar-chart”]
School program

Our school outreach programmes teach kids basic animal welfare

This includes what to do if they get bitten, how to avoid getting bitten, and how to approach dogs kindly.

Educating local communities is absolutely crucial

if we want to change the mindsets of future generations. Currently, dog ownership and responsibility isn’t something that many Sri Lankans have much knowledge in.

We want to fill this gap and show people the benefits that taking responsibility for a dog – either at home or in the community – can have.

outreach program 2

We also train local vets and technicians up to a high standard

promoting compassion and care within the role. We want to improve standards of care here in the long-term, especially as options are currently limited when it comes to both equipment and skill sets available.

"Our aim is to leave a trail of happier dogs and happier humans."