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Author Barry Supports WECare Worldwide Through Themed Novel

A well known North East author is donating 60% of the Kindle royalties earned from sales of his rescue-mutt themed novel, Winston and the Canny Lass, to a Sri Lankan dog charity set up by Newcastle veterinary surgeon, Janey Lowes.

Barry explains: ‘I heard about Janey from Chris Jackson, an old friend at the BBC and was amazed to learn that she had given up her life in Newcastle to help the street dogs of Sri Lanka. Her charity WECare Worldwide is doing amazing stuff and after talking it over with my London-based publisher, Mike Wallington, I got in touch and proposed a fund-raising partnership. I was delighted that she responded with great enthusiasm.’

‘The big dream for WECare’ adds Janey ‘is to form a world where no animal, owned or unowned, goes without veterinary care and by working alongside passionate, fellow big-dreamers like Barry, we hope to make this a reality sooner rather than later.’ Barry’s initial plan was to give 25% of the Kindle royalties from Winston and the Canny Lass but upon seeing footage of the neglected dogs that Janey is helping, he and Mike Wallington upped the figure to 60%.

I’ve loved dogs all my life

‘I’ve loved dogs all my life’ Barry adds, ‘and seeing the magic that Janey and her colleagues are doing for mutts which would otherwise die in the most horrible ways, touched me so much that I’m now blatantly asking Kindle users everywhere to order Winston and the Canny Lass. The more copies of this electronic version that we sell, the more money we can donate to WECare’.

Winston and the Canny Lass is the second novel in Barry’s intended quartet, The Winston Tails. So far it has sold over sixteen thousand hard copies with many strong reader reviews. Barry describes it as a ‘playful novel with serious themes that make it suitable for all readers, male or female, aged sixteen to one hundred and sixty’. He and Janey stress: ‘We want to make the electronic version outsell the paper book many times over but we’ll only succeed if dog lovers and readers everywhere help to spread the word.’

Winston and the Canny Lass will become live on Kindle on September 1 st and is open to pre-order now at £7.99 with 60% of the royalties paid by Amazon, going to WECare Worldwide. ‘Please order today’ conclude Janey and Barry. ‘In combining forces we aim to make something extraordinary happen.’

Click here here to buy your copy.

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