WECare Worldwide consists of  UK veterinary volunteers alongside Sri Lankan staff. There is a team on the ground in Sri Lanka as well as a wider team of volunteers and committee members, 5,500 miles away in sunny England!

'On-the-Ground' Team

Janey Lowes

Janey Lowes

Vet and Team Leader

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Janey set up the charity having seen the poor condition of the street dogs when on holiday in 2014. She decided that it was her duty to do something to help and so went about setting up a veterinary service to help those who wouldn’t receive help from anyone else.
Janey graduated from Nottingham Vet School in 2012 and is currently studying for a CertAVP to become an advanced practitioner. Her hobbies outside of cuddling mangey dogs all day are surfing, playing hockey and catching up with her (jealous) friends back in the UK on Skype.

Amy Richardson

Amy Richardson

Veterinary Nurse

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Amy came over to volunteer for WCW in July 2015 and has taken to it like a duck to water! Coming from Penshaw in the North-East of England, she has worked at Westways since graduating from Myerscough Veterinary Nursing School. She has since completed an advanced certificate in exotic species nursing, which is coming in useful in Sri Lanka!
Amy’s hobbies outside of work include photography, shopping and snowboarding however, since arriving in Sri Lanka, she has taken up more weather-friendly activities such as surfing and snorkelling!

Malaka Uduwerella

Malaka Uduwerella

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

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Malaka joined the WCW team in May 2015, officially, but has been involved with our work from the very start. Hailing from Kandy in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, Malaka was down in the South doing construction work, when he contacted us to alert us about some dogs in bad condition at his workplace. Since then, we haven’t been able to live without our ‘WECare Guardian Angel’, Malaka!! He loves animals and always puts their welfare first, which is exactly what we need in the team. Malaka’s hobbies outside of work include spending time with family, friends and his herd of animals at his family home in Kandy!

Mahisha Imali

Mahisha Imali

Team manager

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Mahisha joined the WECare team just after she became aware of us when her cat was sick. We were so impressed with her enthusiasm, professionalism and compassion that we begged her to join us and, fortunately for the animals in the South of Sri Lanka, she said yes! Born and raised in Colombo, Mahisha moved down to our region last year and has already contributed so much towards the growth of the charity by designing and making all of our WECare products and also managing the day-to-day running on the ground. Outside of work, Mahisha enjoys spending time with her family and cats!

The Wider Team

As well as the ‘on the ground’ team, we have the support of a huge number of other volunteers and animal lovers. Many of these are Westway staff but we also have the support of the veterinary profession nationwide, which we are extremely grateful for.

Mandy Ball- Veterinary Surgeon

Rebecca Lawrence- Veterinary Nurse

Lucy Barker- Veterinary Surgeon

Rebecca Plant- Veterinary Nurse

Abbie Norman – Veterinary Student

Clare Walker- Veterinary Nurse

Amy Steel- Veterinary Surgeon

WECare Board of Trustees

  • Miss. Rebecca Carruthers
  • Ms. Ashani Gopallawa
  • Mr. Nick Myerscough
  • Mr. Stuart McKinnon
  • Mr. Laurie Rose

WECare Committee

  • Miss. Janey Lowes MRCVS
  • Miss. Mandy Ball MRCVS
  • Miss. Jane Thompson MRCVS
  • Mr. Mark Turnbull RVN
  • Miss. Amy Richardson RVN
  • Mrs. Amanda Crawford RVN
  • Miss. Rebecca Plant RVN
  • Miss Rebecca Lawrence
  • Mrs Julie Richardson
  • Mrs Carlie Lindgren
  • Miss Clare Walker

If you would like to get involved by volunteering to join the team then please click here