We focus on 3 main areas here in Sri Lanka.

  • CNVR (catch-neuter-vaccinate-release)
  • Treatment of sick and injured animals
  • Education and training


CNVR is carried out as it is the most humane way to reduce roaming dog populations and reduce the number of unwanted puppies that are dumped on the streets at a very young age. It also allows the females that would inevitably spend their whole lives pregnant to only have to worry about number one when thinking about limited food resources and shelter options, which transforms their lives.

Vaccinating the dog population against Rabies is the most effective way to eliminate the disease in the human population. As an island nation, eradication of Rabies in the near future is a very real possibility and will change the future of both animals and humans here, allowing improved relationships between the two.

CNVR is the backbone of everything we are trying to achieve in Sri Lanka.

Education and Training

Education of the local communities is paramount and is the most important factor in changing mindsets in the future. Currently, dog ownership and responsibility is not something that many Sri Lankans have knowledge in so we intend to fill this gap and help them to see the benefits that taking responsibility for a dog, either at home or in the community, can have both for the dog and for themselves.

We also train local vets and technicians up to a high standard and promote compassion and care within the role. As veterinary professionals ourselves, we strive to improve standards of care here in the long-term as, currently, the options are very limited, with regards to both equipment and skill sets available.

Treating Sick and Injured Animals

Sick and injured animals are a very common occurrence here in Sri Lanka, with the most common injuries being those caused by road traffic accidents and dog fights (the small wounds turn into huge maggot wounds). With no one to care for these animals, they would die a slow and painful death as a result of injuries or illnesses that could have been treated successfully had they been caught in time. As vets, this is extremely frustrating and is one of the main reasons we decided to drop everything and move out to provide care and a lifeline for these dogs.

Skin disease is something we see very frequently and, although not usually a killer, does provide a huge amount of discomfort and upset for the dog. This is easily treatable using imported products and is essential in providing these animals with a good quality of life.

This documentary-style video explains everything you need to know about our work here at WECare Worldwide.