The fundamental reason we all became involved in the veterinary profession was to help animals in need.

We can all do our part and work as a team towards improving animal welfare and veterinary standards around the world.


We welcome volunteers from all over the world and value them highly. They are crucial in helping us to achieve our goal of improving animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

The issues here are very deep-rooted with lack of education contributing to the problem just as much as overpopulation and disease. We therefore need shining examples of vets, nurses and admin staff to show the community and veterinary profession what can be achieved with a bit of love and dedication.

We are looking for veterinary surgeons with a minimum of 1 year of experience to help us with our neutering programmes and outpatient treatments.

As there are no veterinary nurses in Sri Lanka, it is extremely important that we show them the value and high skill level of veterinary nurses across the world. We are looking for any RVNs (qualified or studying) with at least 2 years of experience to come and help in Sri Lanka, working, teaching and learning!

Veterinary administration staff are also extremely valuable and we are always in need of UK-based committee members or fundraisers.

To read about the experiences of previous volunteers, then please click here.

Please head to this page to get the ball rolling if you wish to volunteer

I have been out in Sri Lanka volunteering with WECare Worldwide for 6 months, and it is the best thing I have ever done. The charity makes such a difference to individual animals, who are suffering in great numbers, with severe skin conditions and horrendous injuries, with nowhere to go for help. The charity is also making a huge difference with neutering and vaccination clinics, and its an amazing thing to be part of, and know Im personally making a difference in these animals lives. I had the amazing opportunity to use my expertise in a surreal environment and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Amy Richardson RVN

My visit to Sri Lanka with WECare was the most amazing and worthwhile trip. It is a beautiful country but it was a huge culture shock and upsetting to see the lives of the street dogs. Being able to do my bit to help them and educate the locals made the long journey worthwhile. It is a great team to work with and everybody who helps moves the charity forward so they can do more to make a better future for the dogs out there.

Mandy Ball MRCVS

During my time in Sri Lanka, I learned a lot but, most importantly, I realised how desperate these animals are for our help. They survive, day to day, hoping to find food and somewhere to sleep. We take a lot for granted and seeing these poor guys living they way that they do really brings it home.

Rebecca Plant RVN


We are in a very fortunate position to be able to provide our expertise free of charge, which saves the charity a lot of money, but we do still have to fund all of the medicines, equipment and consumables. Even at cost price, these are expensive and most things have to be sourced from the UK due to the small range of veterinary products that are available in Sri Lanka.

The whole country has access to two xray machines and two scanners (in Colombo- 3.5 hours away from us). There is one gaseous anaesthesia machine in the country so 99.9% of vets use TIVA. There are 8 autoclaves, all of which have been donated by another British organisation, Dogstar Foundation. We are here to raise standards, not continue in the same vain.

Hence, we strive to operate on every animal to the exact same standards as we do in the UK. We use Vicryl for every op, not Nylon which is a twentieth of the cost. We autoclave every kit, drape every animal, provide IV fluids to all… this doesnt sound like a lot but here it is exceptional. We want to make it the norm.

We are appreciative of any gesture at all and have some practices who have signed up to monthly donations (e.g. 2 boxes of vicryl every month) and some pharmaceutical companies who have provided us with huge amounts of stock free of charge. We are in need of some bigger equipment, as well as small, so please think of us before you throw anything away!

Specifically, we are in urgent need of-

Vicryl, PDS, Giving sets (normal and paediatric), all sizes of IV catheter, all bandaging materials, splints, Ambi-bag, GA machines, US scanner, X-ray machines, ET tubes, 5/8s needles (21,23,25G), Hibiscrub, Sterilium, towel clamps, spey hooks.

We will take absolutely anything off your hands- just send it to our UK address and it will be sent over in a freight shipment!

Please send an email to to receive more information.


We do receive some funding from Westway Veterinary Group but the majority of our income is from fundraising in our branches and in other practices across the North-East.

In the past year, we have hosted a Halloween Charity Ball and 3 music gigs. Our heads are filled with a lot more ideas- just not much spare time to implement them!

We would like to roll out fundraising events across the UK, and even further afield, and were hoping that we could bring together the veterinary profession to help us do this.

Whether your practice would like to combat the 3 peaks, have a bake sale or do a onesie day at work in aid of WCW, it would help the cause hugely and raise awareness of the plight of less-fortunate animals around the world.

We also have package sponsorship deals if your practice would like to, for example, sponsor a day of neutering or provide Rabies vaccinations for 100 dogs. We have large and small packages, all of which will provide your practice or company with a lot of positive exposure in the local communities and UK veterinary press.

Please contact us to receive more information on fundraising, sponsorship and raising awareness.