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Just text WECW22 £10 (or alternative amount) to 70070


Donations can be made at any Westway, Easy Vets or Value Vets branch across the North-East of England. This can be in person, over the phone, or via cheque/postal order in the post.




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Crowdfunding for WECare Hospital 

We are trying to raise £30,000 to set up the first fully equipped Sri Lankan veterinary hospital outside of Colombo. Please help us provide a high standard of veterinary care for thousands of street dogs in need.

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Donate your hard-earned pennies to help the less-fortunate animals in the world, it’s highly appreciated here at WECare Worldwide and we could not be more thankful!

Our charity is run solely on donations from individuals, such as yourselves, and from small businesses. The animals that we save from horrific and life-threatening injuries on a daily basis would die a slow and painful death if it wasn’t for the support we receive and we are extremely aware of this fact.

We provide our veterinary skills free of charge but we do still have to fund all medications, surgical equipment, food and shelter. We aim to provide a high standard of care and refuse to cut corners which means that we achieve great results but unfortunately, it does mean that it isnt cheap. As UK-trained veterinary surgeons, we refuse to provide bargain basement care as often that does nothing but exasperate the situation or results in the animal having to be hospitalised for a much greater period of time, which causes stress and a reduced quality of life.

Pay for a spay

£ 20

Per dog

Spay a female to prevent her from having around 80 puppies in her lifetime

Donate for a castrate

£ 15

Per dog

Neutering males is just as important when trying to improve animal welfare

Helping individual animals is our dream and is why we wake up on a morning, but our CNVR programs are just as (if not more) important to paving the way for a positive future for the animals of Sri Lanka. It is not as glamorous or perhaps, fulfilling, as saving an animal from a near certain death but in reality, you are actually saving thousands from a near certain death by neutering them and vaccinating them against Rabies. Tens of thousands of unwanted puppies are born, or dumped, on the streets every year and it is estimated that only 30% of these make it past one year of age. They either starve, are hit by cars or die from parasitic causes or maggot infestations. It is an awful life of struggle and living on the edge- where will the next meal come from? Where will I sleep tonight? We must do everything in our power to stop animals being born onto the streets. We aim to neuter 70% of the dogs in the Southern Province, which is the figure proven to lower street dog numbers. This is going to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds but every penny will be worth it to stop more puppies being born into this struggle and living an extremely tough, and often short, life before dying a horrible, and usually needless, death. When is the last time a puppy died from a worm burden in the UK? Or from starving to death? Or because they are so covered in fleas that their red blood cell count is virtually zero and they cant oxygenate their tiny bodies? All of these deaths are entirely preventable, so please help us on our mission.

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