Amy’s Adventures Part 7

By 17/12/2015Volunteer blogs

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Over the past couple of weeks we have had many new additions to the WECare household! We have taken in Jimmy, a lovely street dog who was involved in a road traffic accident. He came to us with a broken pelvis, and three fractures in both of his back legs! After surgery, he is much happier and absolutely loves home life (even if he does howl at 3am every morning for attention!). We have no idea how he can have lived as a street dog!
We have also taken in two tiny little puppies which we found at the side of the road, Holly and Bertie. They are just so adorable and it is amazing to see their personalities develop as they are getting more socialised with our other dogs and people! We will find new homes for them after they are old enough to be vaccinated and neutered by WECare (if you can pry them out of Janey’s arms anyway!). The same day that we collected the tiny pups, we passed a sorry little (slightly bigger!) puppy at the side of the road, with no hair, and who wouldn’t move an inch he was that uncomfortable. So we thought… when you have 10 dogs, what’s another?! We named the little guy Scamp, and brought him home to start his skin treatment, which consisted of twice-weekly baths and mange treatment. He absolutely hates the baths but he’ll thank us when he has a lovely coat of hair, I’m sure! Since he has been with us, we’ve learned he is such a friendly dog and has developed a real character! He loves to be by your side and cuddle up next to you while moaning and groaning and wriggling to get in as close as he possibly can- what a sweetie!
WECare were also called about a dog who had been attacked by a wild boar, and she came off so much worse! Belle is such a gentle and sweet dog, and is so happy despite her having such horrendous injuries! She had an open fracture in her front leg, which was totally snapped in half, and a complete dislocation of her knee in her back leg! Her back leg was way beyond repair, so had to be amputated by Janey. Her front leg is a work in progress but currently looks excellent so we are keeping our fingers crossed!
Our very latest addition is one of our beach puppies- Lily! We have known her since she was born so we are most definitely not strangers to her! She was hobbling around holding her back leg up on the beach, feeling very sorry for herself, so I went to check on her. She’s one of the friendliest dogs but she bit me when I touched her so we knew she was in a lot of pain, the poor soul! She is resting up now after having her leg pinned back together, and should hopefully be back with her sisters soon!

We have been so so busy the last couple of weeks- it’s all been a bit of a blur to me! My family came to visit me from England, to celebrate my Mam’s birthday in paradise! So we had some fun activities planned, such as snorkelling (though swimming at the speed of light away from water snakes was definitely not fun!!!). But the work never stopped! We caught a lovely street dog, George, to remove a mass that we have been monitoring over the last few months and we also treated his awful skin, which has deteriorated from near perfect condition in the space of a month! We’ve re-homed dogs which is a huge success for us, and has brought a lot of happiness to families, which is an absolute delight to see! We have spent days upon days doing dressings on dogs with broken legs who just love to chew their dressings off- the joys of street dogs! We have had calendars printed which are now on sale, and look amazing, as well as a whole new bunch of bags made to go on sale too! And finally this week, we had a lovely WECare team lunch… to say goodbye… as I’m now back in England!

My 6 months in Sri Lanka has come to an end, and I can’t quite find the words to sum up the experience! I couldn’t have possibly imagined what it was really going to be like before I moved out there and saw it for myself. The pictures you see don’t do it justice. They don’t show you how travelling 5 minutes down a road you can see 20 dogs with skin problems, some so skinny their hip bones are sticking out; puppies dodging traffic and trying to avoid the crazy busses, and the majority of the dogs hopping past are holding a legs up- it is a country of hop-a-long dogs. It’s just unbelievable. I thought I would be having a little bit of a holiday when I went out to live in paradise, but there has never been a day in England when have I woken up at 5am to see a dog, tried to catch it in the street with 30+ degrees of heat beating down on you and buses blaring their horns as they miss hitting you by less than a foot. Then continuing to work right the way through until 10pm, forgetting that lunch and dinner exist. I think going back to my 8-10 hour days in England will be more of a relaxing holiday for me!

I’m going to miss what has became normal life for me now. I’ll miss doing a bandage for a street dog, and accumulating an audience of 30 people while doing it. I’ll miss the crazy tuk-tuk rides with dogs on my knee, and people waving at us from the street, constantly smiling, and the children trying to talk to me to practice their English, then their giggling shy faces when I speak back to them in Sinhala. I’ll miss all of our dogs howling every time the bread van drives past playing its annoying tune, and Freddie our pet frog chirping from his hide-out spot as Janey and I do hours on end of laptop work from the sitting room. I’m going to miss all of the dogs in the village jumping up at me and running from their houses to see me as I walk along the street, and miss waving at their owners! I’ll miss the sunsets, the sea, the sun, and everything that comes along with Talalla and Sri Lanka.

I never say goodbye, just see you later. So I’ll see you later Sri Lanka, and thank you so much to WECare for having me to help and be a part of this amazing team for so long. It’s been my absolute pleasure. Thank you WECare supporters for everything you have allowed us to do, and everything we can continue to do now! Thank you for reading my adventures and giving me your continued support, always.