Transmissible Venereal Tumours (TVTs)

By 26/11/2015Clinical

TVT stands for transmissible venereal tumour and these are really common findings here in Sri Lanka. They are basically a cancer that is spread through sexual intercourse and, although curable in most cases, are very uncomfortable and unsightly. They can grow to incredible sizes and cause severe deformities in genatalia.
TVT’s are one of the major reasons that we neuter male dogs as well as female dogs. Government vets here focus only on neutering females, as that is what gives the quickest results with regards to reducing street dog numbers. However, it is not a long-term solution and male dogs need to be operated on too. Operating on the males not only stops their ability to reproduce but it also removes their sexual drive therefore stopping the spread of TVT’s.
A lot of owners bring their male dogs to our clinics for vaccinations but refuse to get them neutered (it makes them less ‘manly’)… until we show them the photos of TVT’s and then they can’t get them on the table quick enough!!
Dogs with TVT’s require a few doses of chemotherapy and then they are as good as new, although the tumours can return if the dog gets stressed or the immune system is compromised for another reason.
We have seen more TVT’s than usual recently and Amy has been the chemo queen providing doses to all of the affected animals! They all recovered exceptionally well and hopefully you will be just as amazed with the results as we are!